Old Timey Bitches

Charles, I swear to God, if these highlights don’t come out PERFECTLY I am going to toss that bowl of bleach right in your ugly face!
By all means, Mr. Johnson, check over my calculations. I know how you always say you can’t trust the work of a woman. 
I feel I should tell you though, you’re reading those tables upside down, dumbass.
I hear what you’re saying, Vanessa, but if those rabbits knew how good this coat looks on me now, I’m sure they would have given their consent. 
Elizabeth, Dear, there’s no need for you to get upset. I only meant that if you refrained from sharing your opinion so much, people would find you considerably more likable. There’s nothing wrong with keeping quiet.
Be frank. It’s not too much, is it?
Oh you didn’t get any gifts for Valentines Day? Here, you can have one of mine- I have plenty.
That Adele sounds lovely, but she’s a little fat, no?
"Yes! Yes, that’s good. Now write, "Meet me in the woods behind your house at dawn tomorrow so I can properly proclaim my love to you. Forever Yours, John.’"’
"Oh, Sarah, you’re bad!"
William, the amount to which you are gaying up this painting is truly staggering.
Who touched my lute? Timmy? Billy, was it you? You know this is off-limits! Mommy is NOT fucking around!